My Road to Dental School

I graduated from a big 4-year university with a degree in Media & Information and only took the minimum science prerequisites for dental school. These included biology I & II, general chemistry I & II, organic chemistry I & II, and physics I & II. I even had to retake biology I and organic chemistry II, so you can imagine just how bad my science GPA was. I ended up graduating with an overall 3.05 GPA (if my family knew how low my GPA was they would have been very, very disappointed. But surprisingly, no one asked what my GPA was).

I was also very involved in community service, clubs (I was on e-board for one), and I was also on a competitive cultural dance team where we would travel across the U.S. to compete. I then went on to become the captain on this dance team. As you can imagine, I was so busy with all the extracurriculars I was involved in, I didn’t always make my studies a priority.

After I graduated, I moved home and took a few science courses at a different university closer to home. Again, I did not do well in my courses and ended up failing a few. Although I had a new GPA since I was at a different university, it was very low and ultimately just ended up lowering my GPA that AADSAS calculates. If I could go back to this year, I definitely would not have enrolled in any of these courses instead of wasting all that money.

During this time, I was working part time, shadowing and also looking into different graduate programs to apply to that would help raise my GPA and help me get into a dental school. I ended up getting accepted to Barry University and started there in Fall 2015.

Being at Barry and taking upper level science courses at a graduate level was a huge reality check when it came to my study  habits, time management, and over all, my priorities. Yes, I would spend most of my day studying to do well in the program, but I would get distracted easily and wasn’t studying effectively because I was just so discouraged about whether or not I would be able to get into dental school.

The first gross anatomy exam came along, and I ended up doing horribly (64%!! with extra credit!). I knew at this point that if I really wanted to go to dental school, I needed to make some major adjustments. I talked to my professor and he helped me come up with a daily study schedule to follow and gave me some helpful study tips. By making some big changes in how (and who) I studied with, I ended up getting a 98% and a 97.5% on the last two exams to end up getting an “A” in the class.

I’ll be honest, a big reason as to why I’ve been doing so well in this masters is not only because of the study habits I’ve built, but also because I’ve learned to ignore all the negative comments I would get about having to get a masters to help me get into a dental school and having so many people doubt me and telling me I’ll never be able to get into a school with my grades.

Now here I am, half way done with my masters and doing well academically. Not only have I raised my cumulative GPA  (masters and undergrad GPA combined), even though it is still very low, I now have 3 pre-December interview invites and I cannot be grateful/thank God enough for it.

So, this is where this blog starts. I will be uploading posts about my personal road to and through dental school and I hope this helps some other students in the same position as I was and currently am in. And like I always say, If I can make it this far, you can too!

Here is the link to my DAT breakdown


P.S. If you’d like to know my GPA breakdown calculated by AADSAS, send me a message from the “contact” page.